The Best Ice Cream. No Dairy Needed

A photo of three little birds ice cream
A photo of three little birds ice cream
A photo of three little birds ice cream

Three Little Birds, NYC

All Natural Non-dairy Ice Cream

Finally! You’ve found a dairy-free frozen dessert that actually tastes like ice cream! Every spoonful of this sweet goodness is rich, ultra creamy and flavorful. It’s so good - you can’t even tell the difference. Our frozen desserts are made with organic nuts and other simple, natural ingredients, so beneath that silky, luscious decadence is a serving of healthy fats and superfood nutrients.

Soft Serve Ice Cream

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Photo of three little bird's soft serve ice cream

We are teaming up with Dun-Well Doughnuts located in Bushwick to bring you our soft serve. Pellentesque consequat aliquam hendrerit. Nam eget tellus felis. Aenean aliquam pretium felis, eu varius sapien. Mauris porttitor condimentum faucibus.

Hard Packed Ice Cream

Scoops, Cups and Sundaes!

Pic of three little's birds hard packed ice cream

Dun-Well Doughnuts located at 102 St. Mark's Place to bring you our hard packed ice cream. Available in cups, cones and doughnut sundaes. Nulla facilisi. Nunc convallis tortor non egestas auctor. Sed quis bibendum ex. In hac habitasse platea dictumstNunc at elit commodo, placerat massa in, feugiat ipsum. Cras sed dolor vitae mauris tristique finibus eu a libero. Ut id augue posuere, faucibus urna nec, pulvinar leo. Sed nunc lectus, vestibulum nec efficitur sit amet,

Our Principles

A Place For Sweet Goodness

Whole Food

Made from 100% real ingredients that you can find in any grocery store, every pint of our frozen dessert is a pint of real food. We don’t use fillers or artificially synthesized chemicals; instead, we work with the natural characteristics of each simple ingredient to bring out the best combination of flavors and textures.


All of our frozen desserts, including all mix-ins and sauces, are 100% dairy free, animal free, cruelty free and vegan. We use only dedicated vegan equipment; nothing from an animal comes into contact with any part of our ice “cream.” Not only are our products vegan, but we are also an expressly vegan company.

Organic when possible

We strive to use only organic ingredients. However, due to cost restrictions, we’ve had to compromise on the pricier foods. It is our full intention to work towards becoming 100% organic and organic certified.


All of our frozen desserts are made in one-gallon batches. Each batch is individually taste-tested before and after the freezing process (and all along the way until it’s pinted!). All mix-ins and sauces are developed exclusively for their specific ice cream flavors and made in single batches no larger than a quart. We take ice cream very seriously and consider it a craft made from the heart.


Our frozen desserts are made by hand from beginning to end, from blending up the base, to mixing in the toppings, to scooping (spatula-ing?) into pints, to packaging each pint individually. We also develop and make our toppings and sauces in-house. When you purchase our product, you are supporting the work of craftspeople who have personally put together the pint in your hand.

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